Sunday, March 19, 2006

My BA students' blogs

Hello all,

I finally started using blogs for my BA students' Essay Writing Class! It is a new experience for us all, so bear with us while we blunder thru, but I may add that I'm proud of the efforts my students have put in, and I hope you feel moved to visit several of their blogs and honor us with your comments. I'm sure they will be delighted to have visitors!

The URLs follow below (not all of them, but those who have already posted to their blogs; the rest will follow shortly, I hope). Hopefully, the English and typing mistakes will lessen after more experience, but since they are mostly new to typing (not to mention blogging!) and they are only sophomore students of English, I think they are doing pretty well. I should also mention that some of them have been guilty of plagiarism without knowing how serious an offense it is (they mostly think of it as sharing something worth sharing, and don't mean to abuse other people), but we're working on that, too. As a starter, I've taught them how they can add a link to the site they have 'picked up' the stuff from, so they can acknowledge using it.

Anyway, all comments/suggestions/etc. are most welcome, and please pass on the word to anyone you think might be interested.

Here goes then:

Looking forward to hearing from you on this! :-)

P.S. Bee wanted to know more about this class, so she could include info about it in the Dekita Exchange. (Thanks so much, Bee, and thanks also for commenting on my students' blogs; they were delighted!) Anyway, here goes: This is a class of sophomores of English Literature at Al-Zahra (aka Azzahra) University in Tehran, Iran. They are all girls, aged around 20-25, and the blogs are for their Essay Writing Class. They are only in their fourth term of English (as a foreign, not second language). The class will officially end the middle of June, but I don't know if they will continue blogging after May, since they will be busy getting ready for end-of-term finals, projects, etc.