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When I was a kid
I used to get up in the early light gray serenity of silence
and drink in the tweets of a timid blue jay.
A solitary sound, a perfect prelude. 

Now a drunken orange bird with a messy yellow crest
tweets at all hours of the day
shattering my peace of mind.
And bitter laughter echoes back across the blue oceans.

I miss my old dictionary.

S. Susan Marandi

On using a search engine

Small hands used to mean
chubby little kids with their sweet chubby hands.
(And ooh, look at those tiny little fingers with the perfect little fingernails!)

Orange used to be the color of warmth, sunlight and laughter. 
It used to go with blue on the color wheel,
and you got it by mixing red and yellow.

Now small hands stroke pussies, not kittens,
and Orange is said to be the new black?
I've been told that it mixes well with Saudi oil,
and that it dances with a sword.
(Or was it with wolves??)

Even my search engine is confused.

S. Susan Marandi