A big 'thank you' and an even bigger apology!

Hello all!

Just wanted to say thanks so much, those of you who spent time on my blog and my students' blogs. They were really thrilled at receiving your kind comments and it made them take their work so much more seriously! Thank you all soooo much! :-) I should also apologize for not replying to your comments; I know this excuse is inadmissible and doesn't lessen my rudeness in not replying, but I have truly been overwhelmed by trying to keep up with my girls' blogs! Nevertheless, I am really ashamed of myself for not being as good a friend for you as you have been to me. :-(

I also owe a big 'thank you' to my dear students, whose enthusiasm was inspiring. I can now safely say that I have reached the 'no-return' point with Computer-Assisted Language Learning, because despite all the difficulties, it has been truly rewarding. Actually, I had been avoiding writing classes for a few terms, because of all the extra work it adds to my already overburdened schedule, but now I know that I'll definitely be back next year and next Essay Writing class with more blogging and more ideas.

Thanks all of those dear Webheads who taught me how much fun and F.U.N. this stuff can be, and for teaching me how to do it, and thanks my dear students for getting me hooked! I love you all! :-)

Susan @>---;-

P.S. I'll try to upload some photos of my students soon -- well, maybe not *that* soon ... ;-)


mozhdeh said…
Dear Teacher,
Thanks 4 showing us a new way to see the life different !
Dear teacher,
It is so nice to hear from you on your blog after so long! No word has the power to express my thankfulness. All I can say is that it was a great experience, thanks for giving us the chance. Thank you for being so energetic and indefatigable.
God bless you!
mozhdeh said…
Dear Teacher,
Thanks alot 4 visiting my blog and gave your comments. I was very busyin the summer. I wrote a log article about my summer and will put it on my blog in this week.
Again thanks
Essays Writing said…
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