WAR AGAINST TERRORISM, dedicated to Crusader George

WAR AGAINST TERRORISM, dedicated to “Crusader” George

Lips gray-blue, nose still running, streaking his face
A grimy white bandage
hugging his baby fat
His dark wide eyes stare accusingly into mine
thru the camera lens
Sweet little three-year-old
How can I possibly make you see
the soldiers only want to set you free?
How to help you understand
they merely want to save you from yourself
by beating the “terrorism” out of your filthy Muslim blood?
Alas! You are yet too young
or you would now know
what your teenage sister will never forget
The precious price of “democracy.”
* * * *
Lovely little darling with those curly long lashes
look the other way, please.
They are coming again
and it’s time to "turn the other cheek."

By (Seyyedeh) Susan Marandi


Anonymous said…
Do you know who is our(Humans) enemy? ..... Our IGNORANCE......Maybe you would dedicate your next poeme to those dictators in Iran, I am sure you will have planty to choose from....No hard feeling
Good one, dear! God bless you!
Israel is always bombing somebody. They just change the target of bombing. It seems like KILLING is the only thing they know and for them it's as easy as pie. They are like a pertinacious child and they'll do anything to get what they want!
So I think all we can do is to pray for those little kids who are born to suffer! Those who are under pain of death!
In deepest sympathies,
Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, although you wrote in a way that makes it difficult for me to understand whose ignorance you are referring to, Bush's or mine, or the world's ignorance?

But since you talk of ignorance and of Iranians being dictators in the same breathe, I am curious to know how much you actually *know* about Iran and Iranians, beyond what you receive from the biased western media? Have you perhaps lived in Iran or even visited? I have lived in both the States and Iran, and although all countries have their faults and Iran is certainly no exception, I prefer living in Iran.

Bush is openly making war on millions of innocent people against the wishes of many Americans; *that's* what I'd call dictatorship. But even dictatorship is better than mass murder. (And that's putting it mildly!)

I'd be interested to hear more on your opinions. Feel free to write.
Dear Maryam,

Thanks for writing. Yes, I do pray for the children you mention daily, but I also pray that all free-thinking people (who exist in large numbers among Mulims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc) will feel moved to act as well as pray. I think most religions agree that God helps people who help themselves.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Anonymous said…
Of course someone like you, with all your connections, would prefer to live in Iran. Besides, I did not say that ALL Iranians are dictators! It's interesting to see you boast about being born in the "Big Satan" (after all, there is no need to mention that in your profile) and it vexes me to see how some Iranians would like to be part of both camps, so to speak... Once again, no hard feelings... One more thing: I am living in the West, not out of choice, but because of the prevailing repression in my country, it's good to hear that your case is so different...
Dear Anonymous,

I always make a point of explaining that I am an American-born Iranian because I am proud of the choice I made. Anyway, I have no problem with American citizens, only with the American government, so I don't see any conflict. If you do, that's your affair.

And although I am extremely proud of the work my father, Dr. Alireza Marandi, has done for his country and the international community (through WHO), I'm afraid I fail to see how that is at all relevant, especially as we left behind an extremely luxurious life in America for a very ordinary life in Iran. So you see, there's nothing in my personal story to hide, (although it looks like *you* can't claim the same, "anonymous"!) ;-)

Finally, I have answered your unkind comments because I believe in dialog, but if you persist in trying to turn this into some kind of personal issue, I don't see that anything useful will come out of it, so I'm afraid I will no longer reply.

No hard feelings! ;-)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on Lebanon's victory! :D
Thanks! :-)

We are all very happy about it. In fact, my daughter and I baked a large cake and we celebrated with a number of our friends! I'll upload a photo as soon as I have time.

Thanks again! :-)
Anonymous said…
I look forward for seeing your photos. And ofcourse I look forward for seeing the photos of your class and students too. You said you'd share them *soon*!
Thank you for the comments. They really made me as happy as a lark!
And congratulations on Lebanon's victory.

Caught me, haven't you? ;-) The good thing is, I said I'd upload the pics of the cake as soon as I had *time,* and about my students' photos, I first said I'd upload them soon, but then I added, "well, maybe not *that* soon"! So you see, I'd foreseen and provided for this problem!! :D

But I *will* upload them "soon"! This time it seems like I have too! :-)
Dear Ms. Ahmadzadeh,

You're welcome! Actually, I liked your blog so much that I showed it to some of my friends!

Keep up with the good job! :-)

And congrats to you, too! :-*
It took me by surprise to see all your comments... Thanks indeed, both for commenting and showing my blog to your friends.
And I think the Anonymous has to wait for a long time... ;)

Hamid said…
there is so much awe in the way god fits so much meaning in such a small face. i think he could squeeze a grain of mercy in human hearts. but do n't you think with that mercy, if given,'much meaning' would be lost?
Anonymous said…
I just turned in for a look-see. But your blog caught my eyes. And I came across with many other blogs (of your students). Good job! I think they are very lucky with such a teacher!

May God bless you,
anitanita said…
Hello Susan,
did you take this photo?
It's such an impressive photo and such an impressive poem!

I cut out one photo like this, years ago, during the Iraq war. I haven't seen that photo for about three years now but that boy's sad look is still so clear in front of my eyes. :(
I hate wars.
Anonymous said…
having fun?
any updates? don't keep us waiting.

may God bless you,
An Kaya said…
Dear Seyyedeh;
I'm An from Argentina.
I like your blog very much although I believe huuman beings are like viruses: we destroy instead of protect things and persons.
I will come back soon.
Best regards,
Dear courageous Susan,

Your poem and photo touched my heart.

I struggle daily with how to explain war and peace to children and adults alike. I am have dedicated my work to promoting peace in the world. I keep the words and deeds of brave men and women of peace close to my heart for strength. You are among these wonderful humans.

The biggest obstacles that I can see to bringing peace to the world is first, ending the greed to have more (more land, more oil, more money) and second, to start realizing that there is no us or them on this tiny planet. We are all humans. We are all connected. We are only killing ourselves.

Thank you for adding your voice to the ever growing number of humans around the world that realize that we must have peace.

Blessings, Linda
Anonymous said…
No updates?!?!
Hosna Moheni said…
It's good to see your poem. I am your bother's student at Tehran Uni.or better say used to be! I'll be glad if you visit my weblog too.
mujtaba said…
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Parisa Mehran said…
Dear Dr.Marandi,
Really thanks a lot for your encouraging comments! They give me energy to continue more seriousely. It's my honor that you've enjoyed my blog. Thanks for reminding me to write my name under the posts that I myself have written them. About the pictre that you asked me, I found it in my husband's file:-), mailed by one of his friends. I translated the below description of the picture and added to my blog. Today I added the names of the designers too(again thanks for reminding me). At the end, I hope that I could be able to improve my blog more and more because I think that this is the only way to thank you.

Best of luck,
Parisa Mehran
WOW! Do my eyes deceive me, my dear?
I can't believe what I'm seeing. At last there are your comments on my blog!!! ;-)

Just wanted to thank you for everything, and tell you that your comments really encourage me!

Hugs and kisses,
M.Pakdel said…
Dear Dr. Marandi,
Your beautiful poem really touched me in the heart! and about its picture ,it's upsetting that in every unethical action, kids are theinevitable victims...
By the way, I see we've kept you so busy that you haven't had any time to update your blog. Just want you to know we really appreciate all your efforts.
Thanks a million.
Mitra said…
Dear Dr. Marandi,

I'm so grateful for your encouraging comments on my blog.
And I'm sorry for being hidden for a while!

I just wanted to inform you about my other blog which actually is the informal one ( maybe more private).I decided to keep the previous one more official,and instead fly freely in a seperate area: http://ms-luna.blogspot.com
Would be pleased if you visit it and leave comments.
doris3m said…
Hello and a warm hug from Venezuela. Maybe you don't remember me but I once asked permission to use one of your articles in my university magazine. I don't remember when exactly now since it's been a long time. Well, all I just wanted to say is that when leaders decide to start a war they don't really think on the little ones. The purest and most innocent who most of the time end up paying for the mistakes of the grown up. Let's pray together for a world where everyone belongs to, a world where everybody has a place and all work together in peace. A world where the little ones are safe and loved. Am I a dreamer?
Hope I'm not the only one... that sounded like John Lenon but it's certainly true. In war everybody loses nobody ever wins!

Keep on shining!
Anonymous said…
Aren't you the busiest person in the world??!!
Anonymous said…
Dear Dr Marandi,
Your poem expresses your feelings well but you know that one may not use his/her feelings for evaluative judgment! Consider the case of Sadam's measures against kurdish people it was mere cruelty; but most of the Islamic countries supported him!
Your Colleague
Clarisa said…
Hello susan! Your poem is superb, the option of war is absolutely
pathetic , is the end of all human's intelligence and sensitivity .
I like the Iranian culture. I have read some poems of Foroogh Farrokhzaad, who was an Iranian
poetess. "The wind will take us", is one of the most fabolous poems that i have read. I also like "I mort for you." I knew this
poetess by the Abbas Kiarostami's film, which also is called " the wind will take us". This director is really great. I love his films. I have seen " Taste of Cherry " and " Through the Olive Trees ". These are fantastic !
Clarisa-Adults5B . Argentina
Anonymous said…
Do you agree with your brother?


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