Khaju Bridge, Isfahan

Here's another historical site to visit if you come to Iran: Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, which was built around in the year 1650. Like Shiraz, Isfahan has many places worth seeing. For more info on Isfahan, you might want to take a look at Wikipedia. Although it's not always accurate with regard to Iran's modern history, it can give you an idea of the more ancient history, at least with regard to architecture.


red rose said…
hi,I've travelled to isfahan so many times.It's a wonderful historical city.I recomend you to visit this magic city.I enjoy visiting your weblog too.
mahshid,iran :)
Anonymous said…
hi,the isfahan city is wonderfull and it is a very big city in iran.i think we can see some historical structures in this city.i hope all of the iranian
patroll and visit this city on vacations.
sharifi hossein
from tehran-iran
jbain said…

I am writing an article about bridges around the world and wanted to include the Khaju Bridge. Someone from the Iranian tourist board sent me your link as he doesn't have any information on the bridge. Can you could help me out? Do you know anything more about it (like what it is made of -what kind of stones, if people use it as a meeting place, is there a tea house inside)? my email is

thank you.
Anonymous said…
That is marvellous. However I suggest you put the "SIO Se Pol" bridge as the most traditional and the most beautiful archeologically building in Esfahan on your weblog. It is just a suggestion from an Esfahany student.

And another suggestion is "Please welcome to Esfahan" and see the apple of Iran's eye in close.

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