Perspolis (Shiraz, Iran)

This is a photo of Perspolis, capital of Achaemenid Empire 500 BC. It is located in Shiraz in Fars province in Iran.

The stone engravings are unbelievable!

Those of you who haven't seen it don't know what you're missing! :-)


Anna said…
Hi Susan, wonderful blog! And I thought that Shiraz is just connected with wine.....
Thanks for dropping in, Anna! Iran has many places worth seeing; if you decide to make the trip some day, I'd be glad to show you around! :-)
Jane said…
Susan--Your new blog looks great and I love the's the same one I'm using for the Collaborative Blogging course!
I'm glad to hear we have similar tastes, Jane!

Looking forward to blogging with you! :-)
SusNyrop said…
My dear Susan,

some day I would love to travel around the world and see places with all the fresh Webheads' eyes; I could not think of a better guide than you to show me around in the ancient times :-)

yours, Sus
Isabel said…
Hi, Susan, I liked your blog, it is so interesting the photos in there, i like travel, and i like so much take photos for different places,and then tell my friends who was the time there.
I am still practice muy writing , i sory if in this commentthere are misteakes, i want to lear, if you can corect my, it would be wonderful.
see you, Isabella
omid said…
سلام خانم مرندی
بلاگ خوبی داری امید وارم بازم بیشتر بهتون سر بزنم
موفق باشی

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