How do you add interesting links to blogs?

Today I've been trying to learn how to add links to blogs, and the only thing I've been able to do so far is this:

<>$>">><$Blogger Help: What does the link field do?$>

Only to learn it doesn't work! And anyway, I wanted to learn how to add interesting links to my blog, not just to a posting on a blog, so even if it did work, it's not exactly what I was looking for. :-(

Guess I'll finally have to go learn html ...

Susan Marandi from Iran %-(


Nathan Lowell said…
It's a gradual process, best savored slowly, one small step at a time. Too often we try to take one BIG step, only to have to work very hard and very long to get a not so great outcome. We thinkwe must ...

But I like Aaron's (?) "drip, drip, drip" analogy.

Enough drips will eventually fill an ocean.
SusNyrop said…
dear Susan,

you're so brave to let us all see this messy beginner stuff, instead of giving up you simply post the experiments! Great learning adventure. Hmmm, I really wonder what's your problem about adding those URLs - in your blog template you find a LINK chain icon, click it, copy/paste or type a URL ion the prompt box, then type in the words you want us to read and ciick, THEN copy this into your memory, close the window and paste it to your text, and preview - voila! You migt also just type the HTML tag called < a href THEN :" theURL" then > THE TEXT FOR YOUR LINK plus the end of tag - < /Z > (remove spaces and THEN to do it in real ...)

This works!

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