Why am I upside down?

I intended my first message as a kind of a welcoming (whining/wondering?) message, to appear at the top, but now I see that my messages are standing on their heads, first last and last first!

I guess I'll just have to grin and bear it! @>----


Rashunda said…
Hole shoma chetore Susan (or something like that),

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Yeah, sometimes it's hard to figure out what's up and what's down, but once you'll be fine.

Hoda hafez,

P.S. Please forgive me for my poor Farsi.:-) I have a few friends from Iran who tried to teach me a few things. It took me months to figure out why my name had suddenly become Rashunda June (joon)".
Alfredo said…
Hi Susan... This he is good blog. In another one post your you must observe the place for Links soon and beams click in the button that has one (?) to copy the code to make a Link and to put the Link in that template (in where Link says). That tips is the best form to use a Link on your page(in my blog appears of that way: http://askain.blogspot.com/). Please go to setting and leer about.
have a nice weekend
Alfredo Ascanio
Simón Bolívar University
Ale W said…
Hi Susan,
Nice blog. Know what I liked most about it? Your sense of humour!

Graham said…
Hi Susan

I agree with Ale - keep this up in your posts and you'll soon see how popular your blog becomes.

It was funny to read your comments about the reverse order of posts - this was one of the things that annoyed me, when I first started blogging, but now it's one of the things that most appeals to me - it's great getting to a site and seeing the most current information first.

Look forward to reading more. Oh, and(if you haven't already done enough!)don't forget to sign up for our collective blog when you receive the invitation.

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