(I wouldn't bother reading this one if I were you.)

Originally uploaded by susanmarandi.
Hello, folks! Just trying to see if I can send photos to my blog.

(Didn't think I meant it when I said not to bother reading this, did you? They do say curiosity kills cats and bloggers!)

More later,


aaron said…
Those are pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing those. Do you get flowers like that growing in Iran?
Yes, Aaron, they were growing in an empty lot near our house, in fact! Actually, we have a lot of beautiful flowers/landscapes/etc. here in Iran, and I'd be glad to show you around if you ever decide to visit!

P.S. That's a lovely picture of your little boy!
Sarolta said…
Susan, I love your wild flowers. Thanks for sharing them with us. Kind regards.
Elizabeth H-S said…
Hi Susan--
Hope you are joining Webheads in Action after your experiences here!


Those wild flowers look suspiciously like poppies.

I see your picture is linked from Flikr. I hope to master that soon, too.

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