P.S. They are also pretty stubborn, I guess? (sigh)

I'm back, and experimenting again with blogging, bloglines (thanks to some help from Graham and Mark), and links (which will finally be my downfall ;-) !!).

I've added my blogroll to the sidebar (can't figure out how to give it a title without messing around with html, though), and now I want to give links a try once more. >Sigh< What I wouldn’t give for somebody to step forward right now and say, “Don’t worry, Susan, all you have to do is to copy and paste this here.”? I mean, I’m all for experiential learning in general, but don’t you just feel sometimes that it’s too much of a good thing?

Anyway, back to experimenting in the dark:my website

Oh, I know it's funny; and I'm so glad you're enjoying reading my blog, but don't you think it might be just as fun and maybe a tiny bit more constructive if you'd just stop laughing at me for a moment and help me out instead? ;-)

No? I thought not. I'll make it there, though, never you fear. (I think I'm going to have a heart attack from joy if I do it, though, so it may be my last post ... Susan Marandi's blog: Rest in Peace.)

Wish me luck! (I'll need it.)


Elizabeth H-S said…
Hi Susan--

Here's your first lesson in HTML!

1. Do it bit by bit and copy everyone else--makes it easy.

2. Download either Netscape or Mozilla. These have a built-in Composer where you can create Webpages.

3. >Open >New >Composer page and type in a URL. Highlight it and click on >Link. Voilá--you'll have a link.

4. Now click on the >Source tab at the bottom of your composer page and find the code for the link. It will look something like this (without the <--- ----> I put in):

<----Name you typed--->

5. Now you can copy and paste that code into your blog, andr eplace the href URL with the one you want.

6. But also check out your blog's editor--doesn't it have a little chainlink you can click on to add a URL?

So there's the quick first lesson. With one download, you have the first steps of code.

If your appetite is really whetted, try Vance's 10 Easy Steps to HTML--it's one afternoon of work/play.

Elizabeth H-S said…
Sorry, Susan--

I couldn't get the code to show up. It will start with

a href.... and end with /a, surround by < and >

The URL link will be in quotes, followed by > and the name of the page you typed in.

Hope that is not a confusing description!

BTW--I loved your page! It is a nice design. If you lost anything during the big spam attack on Blogger, it doesn't appear so to me?

Try this for Vance's 10+ EZ Steps page.


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