Oh wow, I did it! (Or: I guess I'm not as stupid as I thought I was!)

After reading whatever I could find on adding links to my posts (including the help page) and still doing it wrong, I was convinced I'd continue to fail until I learned html. (Not that I don't want to learn html; actually, I've been thinking about it for some time now, but I just don't have time for it yet.) Anyway, I'd stopped trying for some time, and what was worse, I didn't feel up to trying out newer ideas either until I'd tackled linking. Today, I finally braced myself to give it another shot, but I was so dead sure it wouldn't work that I just sent my previous post without checking to see if the link actually worked. And of course, you know the end of the story: It did work! And I lived happily ever after ... until my next experiment, that is!

So, what are the morals of this story?

1 - I'm not as stupid as I thought I was (and I dare you to contradict me!).
2 - I'm probably stubborn enough to classify as a webhead and weblogger! ;-)

Feeling so pleased with myself and full of hot air I'm ready to burst,
Susan @>---;--

P.S. Please spare me reference to other morals that I know you are itching to point out, such as how wonderful experiential learning is, etc. ;-) That'll go better after I've finally had lunch!


Coordinacion CB said…
Hi Susan,
Just read your e-mail from the BaW session and decided to check again your blog. How did you finally manage to post links? Was it with bloglines or adding html in the template page? Since you also participated in "Blogs in ESL-EFL" , is blogger better than other blog creation sites?
Keep up the great work and see you around un cyberspace.
Coordinacion CB said…
It's me again. Sorry. My settings changed when I designed the blog for an open activity at my university. Coordinacion CB is me, Berta (bleiva2003).

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